Driven by a deep-seated passion, we value our collaborations, strive for excellence in our operations, and dedicate ourselves to constructing luxurious custom homes.

Working with us looks a little something like this:
  1. 01
    Initial Meetings + Consultations

    Determination of scope of service

  2. 02

    Drafting of floor plans to fit your desires and needs

  3. 03
    Interior Design

    Developing of an interior and exterior design scheme

  4. 04

    Determination of cost of execution from start to finish

  5. 05
    City Planning + Permit Approval

    Submission and follow through of all permits

  6. 06
    Accounting Analysis

    Tracking of all costs incurred and cost to complete

  • Office recycling program

    Maintain and execute on an office recycling program taking advantage of the Blue Box program offered throughout North Vancouver.

  • Energy efficient lighting

    Used in our office environment and throughout our job sites.

  • Job site waste

    We actively insure that all job site waste materials are recycled where possible.

  • 800 km rule

    Purchase of products used in new home construction manufactured within 800 KM of the build.

  • Built Green

    We provide energy and compliance checklists as well as an educational walk-through of our built green homes.

  • Local recycling

    All of our home owners are educated on the local recycling process and procedures.